Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Marching Along

Snow again. 
We’re getting through this. 
On the better side of the drifts now. 
Actually, we've grown accustomed to it all and we’re ignoring it, checking days off as we’re heading closer to Spring…March…the month of hope and promise.
 And, I’m reminded that forty four years ago, at this very time,
I had already past my due date with my first child, and I was impatient and all I could do is wait and prepare and that is what I did. 
I’m waiting, preparing, trying new things.
  Returning to that long-lost world of happiness through domesticity.
 I’m cooking good and healthy meals, making yogurt, growing sprouts.
Today it will be a batch of granola!
 I’m enjoying time with  myself and time with friends who share the need to get out every once in a while.  Discovering “local” places.
 Really thinking things through. 
Letting go of some things, catching hold of others.
 Getting ready for what I am sure will eventually happen, the arrival of Spring. 
It’s all okay.  

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