Monday, February 16, 2015


I love the color blue.  But not big, bright, brassy blue, used wrongly as in a bedroom paint color choice.  Extreme blue.
I love sunshine and warm breezes.  But not hot, humid, ninety-plus temperatures on July days.
Extreme heat.
I love music, all kinds of music.  But not heavy-metal, loud to the endangering my hearing point, not too much on the violins either.
Extreme music.
I love cities, cities like New York.  But not when the tourists are in for Christmas, not New Years Eve at Times Square.
Extreme crowds.
I love beautiful scents.  Nice soaps, anything lavender, natural lavender.  Jojoba soaps. Soy candles. But not ersatz factory-made scents, over powering perfumes.  They give me a headache.
Extreme odors.
I love good food.  Good tastes, but nothing over-done or covered with cream sauces or fruits where they do not belong or production-line pies or massive portions at cheap restaurants. Or white, soggy spaghetti that comes with that order.  You know what I mean.
Extreme non-culinary delights.
I like fashion.  Age-appropriate but certainly not "dowdy". Vintage jewelry with just the right outfit at just the right time.  Good fabrics.  I know the difference.
Extreme attempts at good taste.
I like people who are thoughtful, kind and considerate, like my husband, him I love.
Extreme love and devotion.
I love a brisk walk on a brisk day, sun shining. But not walks that are so long that we can't come home in time for a coffee or a tea or a nice fire and glass of wine.  Just the right length.
Extremely far and tiring.
I like to watch the snow falling on the pond, just a bit of snow, nothing Biblical, historic, life-threatening........and I don't like February and I know that we shall be talking about this particular February for a few years until another comes along to replace our thoughts for this, this has been an extreme February and we still have weeks to go.
Extremely extreme.

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