Thursday, February 5, 2015

Here's to Hygge!

I wish that you could see what I see, a pink band across the horizon as the sun rises across the pond.  Above the pink is a layer of white and then, the softest shade of blue.  The pastel sky is telling me that there is the possibility of a beautiful day approaching and I am welcoming it.  It's not fair that snow covering everything for miles is the source of so much beauty, providing just the right canvas for the sky up above. The snow that left us with no less than twenty four inches of difficult travel, trecherous walking, and hours of solitude.  Or, perhaps it is fair and good and it's all in the reference that we chose to frame it. And there's a clipper on the move, due to the Northeast again in just a few more days we're told.  And guess, what, I am not jumping out of the window as I had sworn I would do last year if this happened again this year.  Nope. I'm hanging in here, practically just fine.

Why? What happened? Huh? Yeah, it's really okay to ask.  Well, I'm going to tell you what I think has made the difference and remember, this is NOT a "lifestyle" blog...but then I suppose it is in many ways.

As I prepped for the approaching Winter, I signed up for an online"course" given by a lovely fellow blogger named Heather Bruggeman.  Her blog is called, for some reason I'm not sure of, "Beauty That Moves".  Every week day, for four weeks, she sends an installment in what she calls "Hibernate and by 9 A.M., I'm enjoying a series of coping mechanisms that wind beautifully through the topics of "Renew', "Nourish" "Relax" and "Gather". The very first communication from Heather forced me (happily) to formulate a plan for Winter Wellness and very soon after, to find a "place" where this hibernation could work its magic in my home.Finding the place wasn't hard and soon  formulating my plan came easily for this woman who made a living doing that for others.

So, was it MY wellness plan, my daily missings from Heather, accompanied by beautiful photos and soothing words, or was it my new Lightopia Energy Lamp, a recent purchase from Amazon or, was it this new word that Heather introduced me to?

  I have the feeling that embracing hygee might just be the answer to getting through the Winter, very, very nicely and I have the same feeling that it will continue to get me through more.It's irresistible.

 Click on the link and see what you "feel" and then make yourself a cup of tea and get your Hygge on Min Ven!

And then, go sit back and check this out....

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