Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Reflexology at Salon Justine

There remain few things in my life that I am as selective about as the person who cuts my hair.  After leaving my beloved Remy in New York, I became a typical "hair whore", trying dozens of new stylists and one-by-one, rejecting them for various reasons.  My needs were simple.  A savvy, well-trained and groomed hairdresser whose hygiene was flawless, conversations intelligent and interesting,  In addition, the salon had to be easy to get to, clean beyond words, up-to-date and operated by people who were in the same measure as my stylist.  If all the criteria were un-met, I would politely inform the desk person that no, I did not intend at this time to book another appointment and I would call when the time came for another cut.  That was, until the day I was encouraged to call Salon Justine in Dennis and request the amazing Kate Woods, one who I was assured would understand my hair.  I made the call, got the first appointment and gave up hair whoring that very day.

Justine Saglibene is the owner and let me tell you, this is a business woman who knows how to get it right. She has personality and style and her shop, well it's always an enormous pleasure just being in there.  She knows what makes women feel good, what they like to see, smell, read and sip.  Coffee, tea, water and cocoa are offered by this busy lady and her equally busy and beautiful staffers.  They are pros in the art of making one feel welcome and at home.  I trust all of them, knowing that I would be thrilled with the outcomes but it is Kate who has the honor.  In her hands, I feel that all is well with my hair and occasionally, my eye brows.  I've recommended her to so many of my friends and of course, to my husband who shares my need for everything to be perfect in a salon, and I've never heard one word that led me to believe that I erred in my judgement so when Kate told me that Leah, the adorable Receptionist/manicurist/hostess was going to offer Reflexology and was offering free introductory sessions, I listened. Kate would never steer me, or anybody else, wrong.  I booked my appointment without hesitation.  I love to help people who are just starting out in the dream-fulfillment department and while I came up short in the knowledge department regarding the ancient art of Reflexology, I did know that it wasn't harmful and that it was a recognized alternate therapy.  When Kate told me that one of her clients had the best night's sleep following her session, I was totally ready to lie down and take it, whatever it was.

Knowing that this might possibly be relaxing, I made a late-day appointment and promptly at three o'clock yesterday afternoon, I was ushered by Leah to her little spa downstairs.  It smelled great.  The music was already on, the lighting was perfect and there was a tiny water feature that sent a cascade down little rocks, enhancing the spa atmosphere.  I laid down on the "treatment" table and was enveloped in quilting, the colors of which reminded me of India or Asia.  My hands were tenderly massaged with cream and then place into very warm mits.  Warm buckwheat wraps went underneath my head to support my neck and under my chin.  My head was to be kept comfortable and warm as I laid flat, arms at my side, eyes closed.  And, for the next hour, the magic of touch took over and all the muscles of my face were manipulated and massaged by these capable hands.

Reflexology, I learned, is usually associated with massage of the feet.  This was "Facial Reflexology" a method that uses the same basic principles but applies them to touch points found in the head rather than feet. By stimulating points in the face, shortcuts are taken to the brain, calling upon it to release those famous endorphins, chemicals which bring us to our happy places very efficiently. Messages are sent to the Central Nervous System, directing specific organs and glands to produce what is needed to regulate blood and hormones and most importantly, to ratchet up the immune system.  This is facial yoga and it could very well result in a more youthful appearance or at least a healthier looking face.  I suspect that these results come to those who are Reflexology "regulars", and after this session, I gotta admit that the thought is crossing my mind.  It was wonderfully relaxing,  I totally went with the soothing vibes and the masterful touch.  I was carried away into a place that I think I may have earned after a weekend which included lots of face time with a very elderly mother-in-law. I was sad when Leah announced that we were all done but I was ready.

I had an instant urge to go shopping, to find something pretty for myself or at least to browse through the possibilities.  Fortunately, there is a TJ Max not too far from the salon and I drifted around there for a while before my next stop, a visit to my own elderly parent.  I arrived and actually found myself taking my coat off, ready to spend more than my usual two minutes, ready to listen to the same questions and comments,over and over, without becoming quite as impatient.  Something powerful had to be responsible for my lightness.

Leah deserves a huge thank you and a big wish for great success.  I'll be back as a paying customer, I know that I will need that soothing again and again as the road ahead gets bumpier. So, Leah, keep the candles lit, start the music and let the water flow.  

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