Sunday, April 6, 2014

Mutual Muses

The door is always open at the Cultural Center
Okay, so the winter was relentless.  Sent my mind into overdrive, thinking of how to escape next year.  Why I allowed myself to dwell on that I don't know. Too frustrating. We're here for a longer run that we had ever imagined and escape to warmer climates for weeks on end, are reserved  for siblings.  So, I did a lot of grousing.  Might even have called it obnoxious complaining.  Said "grrrrrr!" a lot.  Made the best of it.......and now that the shroud of winter is lifted, I am able to sit and count my blessings and once again, revel in the fact that I live in an incredible place and am surrounded by beauty every moment of the year. I have, in addition to other blessings, a host of amazing friends and acquaintances here, and away from here.

Now this is not intended to be a pat-yourself-on-the-back-Lynn expository piece. Nor is it an "I love Cape Cod" piece.  This time, I'm talking here about a part of Cape Cod life that is so much a part of why I really do love my life here, the huge number of creative individuals who also call this home. My amazement never ceases.  With each new person I meet, I continue to be wow-ed.  This narrow strip of land holds more artists and writers, poets and craftspeople than one can imagine.  Talent is in abundance and the source of inspiration, constant and there is no place that embraces the feeling that art is for everyone than the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, the local "temple" for all-the-arts-for-all of us.  With the smallest of full-time staff, Bob Nash and Lauren Wolk, the directors, make this work like a well-oiled machine and their tireless efforts and brute determination shine through day after day after day.  Artists are born here.  See here and be seen. Become a member and join a nurturing family.

Our friend, Celine Federici and her oil painting
Almost monthly, a new show opens at the Center.  With the openings, come receptions, times for the community to gather, to celebrate the great works of art that are perfectly curated on the walls of the Great Hall and the three smaller galleries.  Rarely, do I not see lots of friends at these openings and often, new friends are made on these common grounds. There are two shows to which I look most forward each year. The first is the All Member Show and the other, the one that opened on Friday,  "Mutual Muses VII: A Marriage of Visual Art and Poetry". This is the extra-special show which features the work of 100 artists and poets.  They inspire each other's creation and the results are pure joy to the beholder, especially when the artist or poet happens to be one of those creative and talented friends.
Another opening of another show

So, to the beloved Cultural Center and to those who have made it all worth while, through the snow, the cold, the wind and the grey skies, a big round of applause and thank you for your part in keeping us here, where we really do belong.

Our friend, Carole Johnson and her beautifully handcrafted silver jewelry

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