Friday, April 18, 2014

Good But Sad Friday

From the New York City Digital Collection:  Old Images of New York:  The New York Public Library

If there is one thing I will never, ever part with, it is my New York City Public Library card.  To me, it is priceless and an object of beauty.  It gives me a wonderful old feeling.  It's a trophy.  It affirms my connection to my favorite place on Earth and reminds me that there is a place on that Earth where I truly do belong.  

I've written so much in the past about Manhattan, how at home I am, how great I feel every time I exit the train and put my feet down on the ground, the ground that I think of as hallowed and sacred.  I could write volumes more, tell so, so many stories.  I've had experiences, met people, been places and have made some of the best friends one could ever wish for.  

But, there is nothing that can equate to the feeling I get when I hold my library card and know that it is something that can only be issued to a certified, legitimate, bonafide New Yorker.  I'm going to go give it a hug right now as I think about the Mass on Easter Sunday at the Church of the Holy Family at U.N. Plaza.  Easter lilies, too many to count, lining the aisle.  I wish I could magically transport myself there to be reborn.  Good Friday.


  1. Was going to say, frame it and hang it on a wall, in a place of honor. But! Framed, you wouldn't be able to really give-it-a-hug. :-)

    The little things, accumulated over time, which have great meaning to us... They tell a story, all by themselves.

    Thank you for sharing this story, with us.

  2. Lynn- What a beautiful story and a connection to something that means so much to you. It is wonderful when some place feels like home...nothing like it in the world. xo Diana