Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Parallel Parable

Wellfleet Harbor

My first-born is forty three years old, something I find very, very hard to grasp.  I remember so much about his baby and child hoods but certainly have also forgotten much.  One thing I do recall vividly, is the first thing I said following his birth....."well, I'm glad we have a baby and now, I never have to do that again".  Of course, it was not the case.  That Baby Boy became Big Brother two years later and I wasn't the first nor was I the last to utter those words after giving birth without the use of so much as an aspirin.  And why am I thinking back to this right now?  Because mine is the kind of mind that needs to connect dots.  I love parallels or is it parables?  A story is not a story unless it relates to another story?  So, yesterday........

My best friend in all the world, Cam, and her husband, Erwin.......who both.......

Don't they look like the blissful retirees that they have become?

retired a few weeks ago and are already starting to tick things off on their bucket list.  Stop One, along the way to the rest of their lives, is a week on the beach here on the Cape.   Yesterday, we found our way to their secluded beachfront cottage and allowed the day to unfold, the four of us together under the sun, watching the water, collecting oyster shells on the beach, followed by dinner....with a view.

Just another ordinary Monday dinner on Cape Cod

So, where's the parallel?  I'm getting there.........

We labored all winter.  We said "never again".  We spent the first of many-to-come days next to the water. 
We forgot all about the pain and we're ready to do it all over again.

I love you Cape Cod!!!!!!!

The parable: " Be careful what you curse about in Winter because you only get so many Summers"  (I know, it only makes sense to me) Oh, and "Good friends rent good houses"!!  Wait a minute...these are not parables...these are just sayin's, aren't they?  Maybe better this way:  "The Story of the Winter, the Spring, the Labor and the Delivery" but my friends had nothing to do with any of the above.  I'm stumped.


  1. Hey, your writing doesn't have to make any sense, to anyone but you! And in the end, it need not ever come fully to making sense, to you! Tessa~ sezzzzzzzzz!

    You have a sweet post. You have made parallels. And you connected memories. How perfect is that?

    Plus you told us of a lovely day, with dear friends, who are well on their way to full enjoyment of retirement.

    Mmmmm, did you pick up any hints, while there? Hints on fully *sinking* into retirement enjoyment? Even if some duties, still are around? Hmmmmmm?

    -ducking, running, and hiding- 'Cause I am so out-spoken! ,-))))

  2. Lynn- Love this parable/parallel! You can write whatever you want and I will read right along with you and "get it". Our oldest sons are the same age. I did it 4 times back when LaMaze was hot and never took so much as an aspirin either. lol xo Diana

    1. Diana. I was a Lamaze instructor at the time so when I got to the hospital, the nurses were actually afraid to ask me if I needed anything! They practically ignored me and my husband.