Monday, January 23, 2017

Nothing Much to do?????

One of my all -time favorite questions is this one

"What do you do all Winter on Cape Cod?"

We, who make our home here, get asked this question at least once a year, at some point in the Summer, by people who come to visit and spend their days lolling on the beaches, strolling through our little picturesque towns, soaking up art and enjoying, for a brief time, relaxation at its finest.

I suppose it's easy to think that we do nothing after Labor Day, that everything shuts down and we crawl into our houses to wait for the arrival of Memorial Day when it all "happens" again.  As if our lives depended upon the company of tourists.

So, it's on afternoons such as yesterday, that I mentally add to the list of responses.  Hello, when was the last time you went to the Bolshoi Ballet?  We go every few weeks, in between our front row seats to the National Theater in London and occasionally, the Metropolitan Opera from New York.  And, the best part is, we get into our car and arrive at these magnificent performances within five, that's right, five!! minutes.  Following that, we count our blessings and remind ourselves of our good fortune in that the local art house theater is one of those that regularly has access to these live broadcasts.

Yesterday's ballet was "Sleeping Beauty", straight from Moscow, the home of the Bolshoi.  The stage is opulent, the set for this performance was akin to the interior of St Peter's Basilica and I kid you not.
The music of Tchaikovsky and the choreography of Yuri Grigorovich provided every single sense with pleasure.  Princess Aurora was danced by Olga Smirnova and her Prince Desire, Semyon Chudin.  The audience in Moscow ate them up alive and the applause was non-stop for minutes on end.  And why not?  Every single second was breathtaking.

Tickets to the ballet were under $20 each with our Senior status.  So, for little money and barely any travel time, we enjoyed the very same (actually better) view as our fellow audience members at the actual theater.  If you think about it, we are so much more fortunate.  We have all of that plus miles and miles of the most magnificent seacoast that we can enjoy any time of the year.  Oh, when you come visit us as a tourist in the Summer, don't even think of taking our spaces at the Cinema.  Our live performance schedule goes on hiatus.  Sorry.

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