Sunday, January 1, 2017

What Day is it Already?

With both Christmas Day and New Years Day being on a Sunday, making two Monday holidays plus the eves of both partial holidays for people who work and for retail, I'm totally confused most of the time lately.

Do you remember how you could not wait for Christmas when you were a kid?  Never wanted it to come and go and come and go it did, all too quickly.  If you were like me, you were saddened when it was time to pack up every vestige of Christmas and return to the classroom.  If you were like me, you never imagined that you would, one day, be happy to see the big holidays come and go...quickly.

I used to love everything about Christmas.  Without a second thought, my future husband and I planned our wedding around the holiday, knowing that our church would be beautifully decorated and that red velvet and holly would lend themselves to our plans.  Of course, we did not give one thought to the fact that we were slamming our family and friends with just one more thing to do, one more gift to buy, one more......wait for it.....snowstorm to plow through.  Yes, of .course, it snowed.

Now, as a fully-grown adult, one who attends birthday parties for friends turning 70, I  have traded my holiday joy in for LET'S GET IT OVER WITH! and my glee for moments of total disorientation.  Let's be honest, so much of my glee disappears right after Thanksgiving when Mariah Carey starts being heard, over and over and over again in every store I enter.  The Christmas music that I used to long for is now the very same that I need sedation for.  The lack of respect for what the holiday is all about,with secular advertising and stores that are actually open for business on Christmas Day and New Years Day has driven the joy out of being joyful.

And,while I am confused and disorientated, the days ahead are nothing in comparison with the days behind us.  Maybe that's why, this year, more than others, I have felt a sense of rushing and a need to put things back in place, restore life to the days before the attack of the Musak vocalists.  I need some rest, some focus, some re-orientation because soon, life is going to change in this house and, folks, in every house and none of us is sure how and most of us are asking "why?".

Hang in there.  You may have seen your last Happy New Year. Or, I might be wrong.  We'll see.

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