Thursday, January 19, 2017

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

                                                  EVERY CHILD IS AN ARTIST
                                                                    by Lucy Colket, age 9

Once upon a time there was a five year old girl named Elizabeth George who thought she wasn't an artist


One day in art class she sat down and started to draw

She tried to draw a horse but she accidentally drew a big line straight through his body

"Oh no" screamed Elizabeth

The art teacher ran over in a panic

She questioned Elizabeth

"What's wrong my dear?" she said softly

"I have wrecked my drawing I believe" Elizabeth said

"Oh Honey, it will be okay"

"You see, every child is an artist so you have to use your special artist head to fix the problem"

So, Elizabeth picked up her marker and drew more lines on to her horse

Then, she signed her drawing "E.G." and wrote on the top


For she had turned what she thought was a wrecked horse and made it into a wonderful zebra

"See" said the art teacher

"Every child is an artist"

Published for Lucy today on her 11th birthday.  Happy birthday to my special masterpiece. I just love how you get it, each and every time.  

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