Thursday, October 18, 2012

Keep Your Eyes on the Teacher

Yesterday afternoon found us in an ice arena, somewhere in Marlborough Massachusetts.  We transported children, our granddaughters, for the oldest child's weekly figure skating lesson.  The younger child, Phoebe, also enjoys the session for the freedom to run in front and up and down the bleachers while Lucy is on the ice taking her group lesson from a talented young woman who appears to have lots of patience.  Her charges are all no older than seven and they are all novice skaters.

Lucy,  like her mother before her, is a determined little girl who loves to succeed in everything she tries.  When her mother was at the same age, her montra seemed to be "I can do it" and oftentimes, she did.  She was a quick learner, a tad bit competitive, and always ready for the applause.  If she didn't have a venue, she made one up and sold tickets to it.  "Look at me".

So, we sat, we watched and Lucy made sure that we did not lose sight of her as she glided this way and that,  trying little twirlies.  The occasional little slips onto the bum were quickly recovered from and the 2 thumbs up each time told us that this tough little cookie was not going to become discouraged.  I sat in the bleachers, eyes fixed on the ice and the little girl who just yesterday, in my mind, was staring at me from her stroller.

While I loved every minute of the shared attention, she watching me, I watching her in wonder, I felt compelled to do my job as good grandmother and remind her to keep her eyes on her teacher, not on me.  After all, I'm sure her parents are paying a good amount of money for the lessons, not to mention the cost of skates and helmet.

"Keep your eyes on the teacher"......Lucy.  On the ice, off the ice, everywhere, all the time.  Keep your eyes on the teacher and you will learn.  I promise I will do the same thing when I am in Assisi.

I intend to keep my own eyes on the teachers.  That's my only objective for now.  Look for my two thumbs up in days to come.

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