Saturday, October 27, 2012

Giggle Days

My daughter called to wish her Poppa a happy birthday last evening, knowing that he was here.  After the girls belted out a hearty "happy birthday to Poppa", they went back to the activity of the night and the phone was handed back to me.  "Mom, I have four little girls here for an's crazy here....we don't know what to do!!!"

After being a nice mother and voicing my sympathy, I heard the arrival of the pizza delivery person and hung up.  Smile on my face or was it a huge grin.  "Oh boy, Joe, are they ever in for it".  I envisioned four lively young ladies, ranging in age from 4 to 7, bouncing around for the rest of the night. Giggles.  Hoodwinks. Maybe some cranky crying as one or another grew tired and fought sleep.  Oh, what a night!

I finished my musings, got over my feeling sorry for my daughter and husband and turned my thoughts to those days when it was giggles, hookwinks and fur-flying at our own house.  My hope was that Sara appreciates that this time will not last forever, hard as it now seems, it is only one moment in time. "She will miss this some day Joe, won't she?"  We both nodded in agreement.

I miss those days and now, thirty five years since I had a five year old in the house, I am in complete disbelief that the time has quickly....even the days I wished would end.  There were days when I actually envied sixty five year old grandmothers for their freedom, never mind their wisdom.  Oh, to be free of child care AND gainful employment.  A dream too good to be one day true.

Life is very funny indeed.  Time has passed quickly.  Kids have grown. The lazy days that I longed for are here.  No kids to mess up the house, no kids to keep us up at night.  Ours is a very quiet house.  I now have time to do all those wonderful things that I had wished I had time to do when I had not a minute to spare.
I have time to do all the things I have the time to do but don't.  Life is very funny, yes it is.

Not always fun, but funny.........and it sure would be great if I could hear those little giggles again.

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