Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wouldn't 'cha Know......

I was born in the aftermath of a big snowstorm in New York.  They're still talking about it almost 65 years later....the "Big One of 1948".  I was due around Christmas.  My mother told me that their Christmas tree went up and down almost in one fell swoop lest she go into labor and leave a big mess at their house.  That was smart of her but totally not necessary as I did not make my appearance until January 20th.  I was a big baby so they all figured that I was "late" but the modern moms refute that.  They all say that there are no "late" babies, only miscalculations.  Whatever.  I was nine and a half pounds at birth and my brother, born almost two years before, a mere seven something.  He was "on time".

So, when it came time to marry, what did I do......I planned a Christmas wedding, December 27th of that great year.  Joe went along with my wishes to have a festive date because I was such a lover of Christmas and all the trappings.  Visions of red velvet gowns, holly, Christmas carols played instead of the usual wedding music.  Star light, star my head, not a snowflake in sight.  That is, until the weather forecast made my bad weather history complete.  The night before our wedding, it snowed on top of ice......all night long and into the day.  The wedding that we so carefully planned for early evening (all the lights will be on, it will be so festive and lovely), was going on, no matter.  Snow so deep, it caused Long Island to be closed to on and off traffic.  Snow so deep, the plows did not come out.  Snow so deep, our guests who made it, came with their horror stories.  "Do you know where my car is?  It's in a ditch on the Major Deegan!!!" It took a lot of good alcohol and food to keep that crowd happy......all 200 plus of them.
And, happy they were.  Too bad for those who did not venture out, they missed a very darned good party that is still talked about today.

Well, I'm five days from yet another big life experience.  My flight to JFK leaves Logan at 3:10 on Wednesday and then at 7:05 it's wheels-up for Rome.  My big, long-awaited retreat, my much-needed time alone in Assisi.  I've planned, emailed, called, studied, shopped and packed and I'm ready.  It seems though that Mother Nature is making some plans again.  She must have heard that I'm weather-dependent again.
This time, she's planned a lovely stress inducer.  They're calling it a possible "unprecedented" weather happening.  A hurricane-snowstorm.  Yes, that's right.  If it hits, it will hit JUST when I am trying to get off the ground.  So, the nail biting starts again.  The alternate planning starts again.  Who knows, it could blow over, out to sea, missing us completely. Time will tell.

But you would know, wouldn't you?  I can't beat this stuff.  I'm still here, healthy and happily married so I'm not going to let it dampen my spirits. Been there, done it.  Made it through all the snow, ice, rain and assorted other weather.  And I will again.  But you do know that from the time my daughter was able to discuss marriage plans, she knew THE rule.  Mom doesn't come if she can't wear black and there will not be any outdoor weddings and no weddings in the winter or the summer for that matter.  She was a dear and she obliged.  As for birthing babies, both in the dead of winter - neither in ice or snow. Wouldn't 'cha know....luck CAN change!

Let's hope.

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  1. Rooting for you Lynn ... We are SO looking forward to seeing you .. weather ain't gonna beat us!