Tuesday, March 7, 2017

One Week "Out"

Well, I made it.  Got through a whole week!  This time last week, I was getting ready for the journey's start and now, boy am I ever on that journey.  I'm still trying to get that massive amount of fluid down, still sipping because if I go too fast I get a pain in my "sleeve, formerly known as my stomach" that alerts me.  My Knight in Shining Armour came to the rescue again yesterday with a stop off at CVS after I found good information regarding the hunger pangs.  The rumblings that had been so overwhelming, have a lot to do with acid in the stomach,so liquid Gaviscon was suggested.  A quick text to the Joe and a bottle of the elixir arrived home with him.  One or two teaspoons and relief!  Now, I'm not going to say that I am totally un-hungry.  Let's wait til the week-after-next to make that assessment, but I am grateful to not be entertaining troops in the little banana that is at the base of my esophagus.  That was soooooo discouraging.  That, and the no-show at the scale.

I decided to take control of everything in my life again so yesterday was "Lay-Back Day".  I made a conscious effort to record everything I ate and drank so that I'm ready for the post-op visit with the nurse practitioner (that should be a story in itself) on Thursday.  I have an app on my phone called "Bariatastic" and it's all there.  Not even a thousand calories.  Plus lots of water.  Plus....a gigantic chunk of walking time yesterday afternoon.  Joe dropped me off with my iPhone earbuds and my Pandora Broadway Show Tune station and I never stopped for 45 minutes.  Not bad for an old broad at one week post "rip it out and run", is it? I'm grateful for my being in whatever fitness classification I fall into.  I went along at a good clip, never got winded or sore and today, not one twinge. So, needless, to say, I'm also ready for the "you have to exercise" speech.  You know the one, it's usually delivered by a 30 year old or an overweight doctor.  You get my drift.

My advice to anyone post surgery, no matter what surgery, is to slow down, take it easy.  Remember that your body and brain have been traumatized and it takes time to heal.  Just because you look all put back together or even notice the absence of pain, it does not mean that you are ready to face the entire world all at once. Sitting and thinking have their virtues.  Being mindful is a highly recommended past time.  And, about the hunger, I guess it isn't a real problem. After a nice relaxing day during which I pampered myself, I helped Joe cook his dinner.  It was an amazing version of chicken piccata.  It did not bring on one longing.  All that was stirred was the lemon sauce.  We made asparagus and I delighted in capturing the cooking water and claiming it as a "fluid".  In a mug, next to my chair, it was gourmet-ville.  I dreamt about pureeing the stalks and today making a creamy soup, another "fluid".

So, here's to another day, more special than yesterday for a number of reasons.  Why, a mere 46 years ago today, we became parents for the first time.  I held my beautiful baby son in my arms and promised him that I would protect him from harm all the days of his life.
He's a beautiful human being.  So smart and talented.  He's made us proud and been a source of comfort.  So, today, I dedicate to Joshua Charles Guardino.  Interestingly, it was Josh who questioned why I was doing what I was about to do.  He said that he did not think I was a candidate for weight loss surgery, that he loved me just the way I am.  Well, Josh, I am what and who I am and this is how I do it.  I love being loved.

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