Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ordinary Days?

Stumped for what to write about today. I do know that I should be writing something.  Not just to "blog" or to be "newsy" but to produce written words lest I go into a slump.

We're prepping for a vacation, one that we started to plan months ago.  We're off to Savannah tomorrow and we're very, very excited.  We need the change in climate and entire atmosphere.  We rarely vacation in the states, having invested most of our time and money into European trips, many of them to Italy.  Fortunately, we both came to the same conclusion. We just don't want to do that so we looked at what it is we really like to do and it became so apparent - a small city, on the coast, with sidewalks, art, good restaurants and pretty, pretty, pretty.  We hope we've made the right choice.  When we tell people of our plans, we always get the same response......"you will love Savannah!".   Oy.

So, today, we're finishing up on details and it's raining (again), making this one of those lovely days when I personally don't feel the need to be outdoors. I love a rainy day once in a while just for that reason.

But yesterday, yesterday was one of those days that we're going to be talking about for a long time.  Lunch with three of my fabulous gal pals followed by a joint shopping adventure at our favorite place, the VNA Thrift Shop of course. This was no ordinary shopping adventure and we had so much fun in there.  Linda tried on a pink jacket which to me looked like pink ultra-suede. She thought it was real suede and found a label, written in German and then,of course, we found a real German woman who read us the label. Real pink pigskin.  After I told her that she might not like looking like a real German pig, she politely hung the jacket back on the rack.  Next, I found some white cups and saucers, turned them upside down to find that they were Wedgwood and the pattern was "Nantucket".
Does anybody want these?  No takers.  Like I really need another set of dish parts.  Friend Miriam comes around the bend and convinces me that I should not leave them there.  "Wedgewood!".  Okay.

Next stop was another round of poking into the pigskin area of little jackets and coats and wait, wait......lookout, what the heck is this?  "Linda, I found you another jacket, try this one on.  Cashmere"
So, she tries this gorgeous, very vintage, high fashioned black jacket that bears the label "Eskandar" and she's in love.  So was I......maybe it would have fit me?  Too late.  It's hers.

Just an ordinary day like today.  Nothing much to write about.

Except for 8 cups and saucers, for which I paid $15.00, are sold at Bloomingdale's for $400.00

And Linda's jacket?  It is valued anywhere in the range of $500.00 to $1200.00.

Not bad for an ordinary stupid day with extraordinary powers.



  1. That WAS an extra ordinary day, indeed! AMAZING finds!!! WOW.
    And-to add to the mix-you will LOVE Savannah...and if you get the chance take a little drive and visit Beaufort. That won't disappoint you either- xo Diana

  2. ya'll should definitely take a day trip to Tybee Island....about a 30 min drive from savannah. you'll even pass by paula deens brother's restaurant that was closed down about a month ago. Bubba's. Precious lil beach town with quite a few artsy shops and galleries. Same girlfriend that came with me to cape cod last fall met me there at tybee for another fun trip a few yrs back. We had a blast!

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