Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Georgia, Still on My Mind

It took a few days.  It all seemed so "foreign" We are not experienced Southern visitors.

But then, all of a sudden, it happened.  We got it.  All we had heard, the promises of "you will love Savannah" came true.

A quick note from one of my best friends in New York....."Well?" was all it said.  I think that was on Monday.  We had only just arrived, Saturday late afternoon.  My response was also simple.  "It is beautiful but not edgy enough".  It was also very warm, in the nineties with a strong, unfiltered sun.

By the end of that very day, we already were well on our way to joining the chorus of those who sing joyful noises in praise of what is the prettiest place we've ever been. A perfect little city with all the elements that I have been craving.  Sidewalks, interesting sights, a waterfront, parks and nice, very, very nice, people.  So much about vintage.

Before our arrival, I was convinced that there were only three places, other than Cape Cod, where I could foresee us living when that day comes...the day that finds us free to choose and hopefully, healthy and young enough to enjoy a final phase in our lives.  New York City is at the top of that list but we are not totally stupid.  We would have to win a large sum of money and our luck runs in different directions.  We're only rich in friendships, good health and family.  Not money.  Santa Barbara comes next on that list.  We fell in love with that gem years ago and several visits have left us dreaming but only.  Two large lottery winnings for that lofty ambition.  And then there's Porstmouth, New Hampshire. Still on the list.  Downtown Portsmouth has so many of those bells and whistles that we crave.  Cold winters but moderate summers and again, waterfront.  And now, there's Savannah for reasons our hearts understand.

Mercer Williams House....Home of the "incident"
Savannah has a verve that is unique.  Its slow pace is punctuated by the sound of horse hooves hitting cobblestones as they slowly bring tourists through the heart of the city. It's easy to sit quietly and take it all in. Never, does it appear that anyone is in a rush to do anything and it's all perfectly fine.   No beeping of car horns, only those of huge container ships as they pass through the channel along River Street. Huge tankers seem to glide as if they were little sail boats.  It's River Street where the "night life" comes alive but this is not a city that requires much more on an evening than a stroll followed by a quiet conversation at a bench in one of the twenty two squares found in the historic downtown.  The aromas of magnolia and honeysuckle linger after sunset.  Intoxicating.  Around the squares, beautiful mansions.  What secrets do they hold?  The most famous perhaps is the Mercer House on the Southwest end of Montery Square, the one used in the book that put Savannah on the map....."Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".  Having knowledge of the story of Jim Williams and the "incident", does wonders for getting into the groove and feeling the vibe.  Thank you John Berendt.  He's the author who came and never left.  I know the feeling.

This little video captures just a bit of Savannah. It is not mine, I found it on YouTube.

And I also found this:  A nice summary.


  1. Glad you joined the "I Love Savannah" club. We love it there, too. Hot and humid in the summer though. We also love Beaufort. xo Diana

  2. We will return to Savannah for a visit in the fall and hope to get to Beaufort. We had intended to go but we did not want to take time away from Savannah. Our plan is to find a place for winter get-aways for now. We will never give up our place on Cape Cod because that is where we love our summers and our beaches are so wonderful. We did not like Tybee Island. Too crowded and expensive parking. We buy a pass for under $50.00 for the entire season here!!

  3. oh how beautiful!!!!!!!

    this is a quick comment, as i am catching up with blogs, after our trip to our "grand's" graduation from university.

    gentle hugs,