Friday, May 30, 2014

Ode to My Friends

Okay, yesterday and today - beautiful days.  Now I feel badly about what I wrote about the weather.  Sorry about that, Stratosphere.  Redeemed.

No, we're not moving anywhere. Got that?  Amazing how many of our friends seem to think that we might be bailing out.  For the record, we're not.  I may talk a lot about a dream of warmer winters and lament a bit about the fact that it looks like our kids are going to follow that dream but, we're not going anywhere any time soon.  Or may for-never.  Our parents may have "stuck" us here but, it's our friends who are, in the end, going to keep us here, in the Northeast.

Friends.  If there is one thing that I am most grateful for, it is you, and you and you.  Excuse me for a moment, I'm going to get down on my knees and say a thank you prayer to God Almighty for you.  Yeah, you.

Not "bragging here", just stating the facts.  Let's look at this week and you tell me.

Last weekend found us dining with B, and me hanging out with N and J, making plans to hang out with them some more.  Monday evening, it was an impromptu evening picnic with H.  Tuesday morning, coffee and chat at the lovely home of L, along with J (another J).  Tuesday afternoon, my volunteer time at the Cultural Center where I saw a few other pals. Wednesday, great time to chat and enjoy the company of K, my beloved hairdresser. Rained that afternoon, so I caught up with myself because the next day, I was off Thrift Shopping with L (a different one) and then, sitting on a porch, drinking a glass of wine or three with J (yet another one) while Joe was with his friends at the Cultural Center for their book group.  Today, it's lunch with I, meet up with long-lost J (yet, another one) for wine and oysters and tomorrow, Joe and I are lunching with (L, another one again and J, still a whole other one) and then dining out with B (not the same one from last Saturday's dine out) and P.  Plans are already in place for Monday because I just spoke on the phone with H (this one's a cousin who lives nearby).

And, what week would be complete without phone conversations from distant but very, very good friends C  from Ossining and J from Brooklyn?

Thank you and you and you and you.  It is you who makes me, me and thank you J with the porch, for reminding me that I am a New Yawker.  I'm not offending anybody here because we're all from somewhere else but it's Cape Cod that has captured us and held us together like fish in a big net.  Happy as clams!

Love you.  Oh, and you.  And you too.  Love you all.

Oh, and of course, I've probably gained five pounds this week. So worth it.

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