Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Am I Getting Old or.......

Am I just getting wiser?

Have I finally found a place, one that is comfortable and comforting?

I took some good advice, hunkered down, and set up a space that I can call my own, where I can sit and think, read, doodle, and cherish whatever and whenever I feel like it.

No, it's not an old lady's hang out.  It's my-space, totally and I am NOT an old lady!

The pond is frozen over and it's very cold out there.  I need it to be warm in here and so much more.

When I was in Assisi, I met a very wise woman and over a lovely cup of the best coffee in the world, we spoke of so many things, things about life.  We talked about creativity and about spirit.  She asked, I revealed.  I asked, she revealed.  It was as if I had been sent my own personal guide to my inner self, and, at the same time, to my outer world.  It was through her kindness and her wisdom that I learned the beauty of loving, loving myself.  She told me that it is when you love yourself, that you take care of yourself and that the purchase of gifts for yourself reaffirms that love and commitment and it becomes easy when you break down the barriers to self-love.

There are so many barriers, so many walls that go between love and loathe. We carry dozens of self-limiting beliefs that eventually rob us of joy and happiness.  We start young, build up to a crescendo by the time we reach adulthood, finding it harder and harder to throw open the windows, to throw down the walls.It is when, for one reason or another, we finally give those walls a gigantic shove, we allow ourselves to see what was waiting for us on the other side and to find joy in simplicity as easily as in over-abundance.  Along the way, we might overlook the things that were there, on the road-map in much the same way we can miss a hidden lane that leads to breath-stopping view at sunset.

So, I opened more windows already this Winter, not in welcoming the cold, but in ushering in the warmth that comes with simple pleasures, little gifts to my-own-me from my-own-self.  And, I've made space for all that goodness, physical space where I can see my soul in action and trust me, it has taken a long time get there but there isn't a place on Earth I'd rather be right now.  Wisdom.

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