Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Way to go


There's a story here, you might well suspect


Swapping out a life in a major city for a life at a major seashore isn't exactly what I would classify as THE hardest thing I've ever done.  But, there are a lot....okay about a million.....things that I do still miss about my New York. Not least of all are the endless possibilities for great stories that could and invariably would,come from the use of public transportation.  When I worked in Manhattan, one of my jobs demanded that each month, I personally visited each of the corporate health units that were under my supervision.  So, I rarely spent time in an office, at least not in my office.  My health units, some twenty of them, were staffed by capable nurses who did amazing work but once in a while, I would get a call that would require "face time" and I went off and running. Literally.  I had a great stride, knew exactly how long it would take me to reach a location by foot, and quickly learned umbrella etiquette for the rainy days.  I had nothing but comfortable and stylish walking shoes and got lots and lots of exercise. Later, I took a more sedentary job and only got out of my office on rare occasions other than for lunch breaks.  Because my time away from my office was limited, I did resort to public transportation and became obsessed with it.  I used public transportation when I traveled for business too, always a challenge but one that I met with excitement.  I wasn't happy traveling with my boss who preferred luxury rides to and from the places we'd go.  I still get a chuckle when I think back to a ride in a stretch limo through the streets of Chicago with my "team".  Let me tell you, Diana Ross and her Supremes had nothing on us! He got an equal chuckle when I handed in my expense reports with little receipts from subway, bus or taxi rides.

There's a life force out there that you will never know exists if you never use a public bus or train. I have so many memories tied to the 4, 5 and 6 trains that run up and down the east side of the city. I also have fun and funny bus stories and a fabulous one or two taxi memoirs.  There are people in all of these stories, people who became the stories. I could fill a book with those from the Times Square Shuttle alone.  Some are sad, some are happy, but all of them, memorable and ones that would have been missed had I not used the cheapest routes to the places I've been.  And, oh, the free concerts on the platforms and in the subway cars.

Last Thursday, with a bunch of fun friends, I made up for some lost time, discovered that there really is a public transportation system here on the Cape.  For us seniors, it's the "Dollar Bus" and our trip from Orleans to Provincetown did not disappoint.  New memories were made, on and off the bus. I have a host of new stories, some new friends, and a whole bunch of plans for the future, above the ground only, but I'll take it and rejoice......until per chance one day, my realities might change

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