Saturday, December 6, 2014

Running Through My Life

Another rainy, dreary day that looks more like November than December.  Hard to believe that Christmas is but three weeks away and even harder to plunge into the icy waters of "Christmas Spirit" River. Even the lovely holiday pops performance by the Cape Cod Symphony last evening didn't do it.  Seems like it gets harder every year as the stores start earlier each year with the playing of the Christmas music and the non-stop ads.  As I recall from an earlier era, not one thing happened until after Thanksgiving.  Not an ornament, not a wreath, and certainly not a Christmas carol.  Those were reserved for much later and we actually looked forward to the week before the holiday when things really revved up and we could enjoy the once-yearly audio treats on the car radio.

I know I am not alone when I say that, aside from the annoyance of constant repetition, Christmas music makes me somewhat sad.  So, when my husband had his Christmas playlist blaring this morning, I asked for mercy and he obliged.  I told him I would find something else, something that would not make me sad; something that would not add to the dreary day ahead.  He's generally a happy guy.  Lucky him, he finds very few things to be "depressing" and during his waking hours, he's always in a good mood. Yes, he does talk in his sleep.

So, I found exactly what I needed and I made the selfish switch and it made both of us happy again. He was happy because I was happy and I was happy because I got to spend five precious minutes in my happiest place.  New York City, how I love that place.  I miss it and always will long to be back there. I loved working in the heart of the city. Every day was a new adventure and I never did get tired of any of it. I have fond memories, lots of them. But I gotta tell you, one of THE best memories of my working days in the Big Apple is not about any of the quirky and wonderful things that I had the pleasure of participating in.  It's not about the restaurants, museums, the people and places.  It's about a phone call, one I will never forget receiving in my office and it goes like this........

"Hi Mom.  Take the day off on October first............WE'RE GOING TO SEE MANILOW!!!"

So, you can easily see why I made the playlist switch and why the rest of this morning went so much better.

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