Monday, August 18, 2014

Guest Post

I've been lazy lately.  Well, not really.  Just using my morning time differently.  Using afternoons and evenings differently as well.  Trying to use every moment of the summer so that I don't have too many regrets come winter. I have so many stories in my head, so many essays that I can't seem to sit down and write.  It is so true that as soon as you tell someone your idea, you have published it and I am so fortunate in having a very good "listener" right here, at my breakfast table.

But there is a story, one that August always brings to my mind.  And it gets better every year.  It was my introduction to blogging.  Before I heard the story for the first, heart-stopping time, I only knew a nice little personal blog that my daughter wrote about my first-born granddaughter.  But, one day, in August, six years ago, I read my first post from Stephanie Nielsen and I have been totally hooked ever since.

Stephanie Nielsen.  A truly beautiful young mother. Wife of the handsome Christian. Gorgeous face.  Totally in love with her husband, four children, her huge family and her Mormon faith.  Her life was a story book until one day in August.  I can't even begin to tell her story.  The plane.  The fire.  The months in an induced coma, the pain, the perils, the surgeries, the incredible struggles and the never-ending faith.  I can't begin because it is not my story.  It's Stephanie's and it is incredible.

So, today, a guest post.  A beautiful woman who gets prettier every day. Honestly, she's beautiful.  Gorgeous.  Amazing.

No way I could tell this story.  No way.

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