Thursday, July 3, 2014

July Third

My daughter gave me a card, a post card, for Mother's Day this year.  It was so simple and sweet.  All it said was "Any Day is a Good Day to Have a Mom".  I practically sleep with it clutched in my hand, it is that dear to my heart.

And two years ago today, my mom passed away.  My one and only.  My first teacher.  My reluctant first-responder. My mentor. My role model.  The grandmother of my children.  The amazingly proud great-grandmother of my grandchildren.  The wife of my father, his only girlfriend.  A friend to everyone who ever met her.  The smartest woman I knew, filled with wisdom and good common sense.  Strict when she had to be.  Sensitive when she needed to be. Never one to be sloppy or demonstrative in her affection but I was always aware of her love and admiration.  Mothers and daughters, the slope is slippery at best.  Brave, brave, brave.  Brave and strong beyond words. A gift that I had to share with the world, my Angelina.

And, for those of you who are thinking that I am too focused on "death", oh, you are so wrong.  I'm focused on life and today, I am thinking about a life that was incredible and I feel so much stronger and confident as a woman because of that life.  My creative channel opened wide on this very day two years ago, my Muse took flight.

To all of you who have a mom, have lost a mom, or are a mom, a message from my mom......"today is a good day".  

R.I.P. Angelina Ballerina, you've earned your bliss.

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