Sunday, June 8, 2014


Mid last week found me completing my annual physical exam at the office of my wonderful family practitioner, way down there in Cotuit. I'm a (thankfully) fairly healthy person and for a woman my age, somewhat of an easy patient for one who deals all day with the entire spectrum of womb to the tomb.  When asked, I answer "great" to her question of how I am doing and she always answers with "well, that makes my job so much easier".  We spend most of our time chatting and cover all the bases as we do.  Family life (mine) sometimes co-mingles with hers and the opportunity for teaching never eludes either of us.  She's younger than I but she is very, very smart and very wise so I always listen and learn.  Most of what I learn is about myself.

When the discussion turned to aging parents, to where they are fitting into my life at this time, she of course asked about my father's plans for his future.  He hasn't any and cannot be convinced that now is the perfect time to make some.  If you truly believe you are never going to die, you don't have to make any plans, you just keep on living.  Next question then concerned his living will.  We shared a chuckle and then a serious turn, "do you have a DNR on him?"  D-N-Noooo, I don't!!  I know what he really wants and he trusts me to do the right thing at the right time.  What, resuscitate him and sentence him to another few hours, days, weeks, months of years of the tiny slice of life that he lives?  Prolong his wait for that reunion with the love of his life?  No.  It will not be happening. Not on my watch.

Perfect timing.  I have to make my own plans.  Discussion with husband time but more than that.....I have to make it abundantly clear, put it in writing where it will be seen.  If I give up the game, do NOT, do not, not, not, "R" me!  Leave me alone.  Let God do His thing.  Don't mess with anything.  Especially if I make it to my late eighties.  I don't want to be Rrr'd unless.........

Guns, all guns and all weapons of small, medium or large destruction are removed from the Earth, never to return

Reality shows are banned and never seen again

The Kardashians have all become extinct

Rap music is passe

Cancer is totally cured

There is but one political party and lie detector testing is integral in the leader selection

Parents have stopped applauding and saying "good job" every time a child passes gas

Hand-held electronic devices are forbidden in restaurants and any other public places

Laws are enforced

People realize how stupid it is to text someone in the next room

People realize the incredible waste of time that texting and FaceBook are

Chocolate makes you thin

Everyone lives in peace and harmony, huge houses with swimming pools beside the seashore

Nah, on second thought, just leave me alone, I repeat, leave me alone and DNR anything.  If you do, I will haunt you every night when I finally don't R anymore. I think I  just described Heaven and all the things I expect to find there and it's all looking pretty good. So, please let me die.  Thank you.

Now, where do I sign?

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