Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Morning Show

If you were here right now, looking out my window onto the pond behind our apartment, you would understand. You would know what I mean when I say that at this very moment, there is not another place in the world that I would rather be.  It's a beautiful sight, the water catching the reflection of the newly risen sun, the ducks gently paddling their way to what seems to be a meeting place. Will there be a roll call?  Do they discuss how they spent the night or perhaps plan for the day's riparian delights?  The trees surrounding the pond greet me each morning like show and tell time.  Look at me!  No, at me! See how I've changed since yesterday.  That one on the right of the path is almost totally orange now.  Soon, most of them will kindly shed their summer clothes and hide again until next spring,graciously allowing a less obstructed view.  All, except for the two that are closest to our window, the sad oaks that are being killed slowly by the thick green vine that will not quit.  The vine never loses its vitality.  It works all winter long, staying green.  I could be angry at this cruel reminder of the crime of choking the two innocent trees.  The vine is so strong and has already weathered several attempts at cutting it down at the base.  It has survived near-hurricane winds, weeks without rain, and heavy snows that left us paralyzed without electricity for days last winter.  Through wind, rain, snow, leaves green amongst other trees that will be totally bare for a while, holding secret their survival through another winter until the arrival of another spring.
I could be angry at those vines.  Not only are they defiant criminals but they also partially block one view of the pond below.  And, the truth be known, we oftentimes do curse their existence, wish them dead.....until that first time on that first snowy winter morning when the first bright and beautiful cardinal peeks out and makes its way onto a verdant branch, coming out from the shelter.  And I say "thank you" to the vine and bless you to the tree that has stood its ground for yet another season.  Oh, I'm sure there's an analogy in here somewhere but I don't have time to conjure one up right now.  I have to get back to the show from my window and thank God.

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