Monday, October 28, 2013


Here it is again.  Monday.  Dreaded by some, loved by others.  Those of us who no longer have to report to work look forward to this day each week.  New start.  All new entries on the whiteboard calendar on the refrigerator.  Full days, especially this week.  Creative pursuits await.  Gatherings with friends are on the horizon.  Lots to talk about.  Lots to write about.  The sun is shining and I wish I could invite the world in to see the view from the back of our apartment.  Breathtaking.  Alive. Hard to believe that one year ago, we awaited a hurricane.  Hard to believe that we, living so close to the sea, escaped the ravages that our neighbors to the south were forced to endure.  Sandy.  SuperStorm.  Just beginning this time last year.

And, at the very same time, my personal SuperStorm was concluding.  Fierce winds blowing about me had come to a calm and the beautiful aftermath was preparing to become the beautiful hereafter. A story that had been long overdue was about to unfold as I found my peace and closed chapter after chapter.  I'm calm and I'm gloriously happy as I notice in my own self a more creative and productive life, filled with confidence in my ability to weather storms of most any magnitude.

And, to all who weathered the storm, peace to you.  You are proud and you are stronger than any storm that comes to your shores.  You are Americans.  Never forget that.

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