Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Love You Cape Cod

There's something special about the first weeks of September.  I'm always quite amazed at how suddenly the weather changes as if Mother Nature knows.  The sky seems bluer, or is it that I just find the time to look up and gaze in appreciation?  After a full season of summer visitors, the Cape is now at rest.  We often remark about how it is as if a plug has simply been pulled.  Tourists seem to vanish and the hush is palpable.  Our home is once again ours.  No more invasions of our roadways.  We can make our way from here to there and back again with ease and it feels very, very good.

Today is one of those days that remind me that while so much is wrong with the world, so much is also right. The air is clear, almost crisp.  The sky is blue and I hear the gentle whir of post-season yard work in my neighborhood, interspersed with the sounds of birds.  Are they planning their winter escape?

Kids are back to school.  Beaches are empty and so much more inviting.  Gentle sea breezes beckon.  Friends are ready to regroup, to make plans for how we, just like the birds, will spend our next season.  I feel like flying from limb to limb too.  I feel like spreading my wings, returning to school in search of enlightenment.  I feel like jumping for joy in celebration of the new waves of air, those that are no longer laden with moisture that simply will not release.

Cape Cod is a beautiful place.  It's more than that.  It's a state of mind and today, I'm in a Cape Cod state of mind and I'm happy to be here.

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