Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rights and Wrongs

The other day, as I was completing one of my "projects" that involves an old pair of Keds, a lot of glue and the funny pages (photo later), I needed to find two simple words that would be cut out and glued.  So, I skimmed through about a dozen print publications, looking for these two words with the hope that they would perhaps appear in a title or somewhere in the body of an article and be large enough for my need.  The words?  "Right" and "Wrong".  How hard could that be, given that I had selected a variety of magazines and back copies of The Wall Street Journal ?  Well, it took me two days.

I guess it is no longer politically correct to use the words I was seeking.  Am I surprised?  Not really.  New age reasoning does not allow for the use of the word "right".  The word implies that there is a correct manner in which to do something, God forbid.  Ooops....I just used the "G" word.  Rules?  Dream on.  That brings me to the word "wrong".  Out on a limb I go here.  Look out, I'm going to jump off the cliff.  Yes, people, there are some things that are "wrong", despite what your children and grandchildren are telling you.

It used to be so "right" to say "thank you".  I've just about given up on this one.  Have you ever thought of the "perfect" gift for a friend, found it, ordered it and presented it only to have a grunt that might,  if you really try hard to hear it, sound like the word "thanks"?  I saw my husband deflate when he presented a friend with the perfect tee shirt for his 60th birthday and got the grunt.  How about the basket of food items we hand selected and had made up for another friend's 80th birthday party?  Let me tell you, it wasn't the cheapest of gifts and we put a lot of thought into it.  Party was in February and we're still waiting.  Oh, that reminds me. The word "perfect"?  No more.  Nobody is whatever this word means, according to the new-age parents.  In case you haven't learned yet, the words are "good job".  I'm so glad we're done with raising children because I would not be able to stomach too many more trips to the playground with all the "good job Jack!" outcries from the weekend warrior parents who roll out of bed and bring their kids to play while they talk on their cell phones.

Raising children is no easy task.  Never has been.  But, the basic premise is still the same.  People, no matter what age, have to learn right from wrong.  It's what makes a society work. For instance.....the list of rules at our swimming club are there for a reason.  For starters, personal safety and regard for others. Right ways to conduct yourself, protect yourself from drowning and allow for others to do same.  The signs clearly state that it is wrong to dive in this particular pool, that it is dangerous and there aren't any lifeguards.  There are four of these signs, strategically posted.  One cannot miss them. NO DIVING.  Okay, if the kids can't read (forgive me for assuming that if they can swim and dive, they can read) their parents might be able to (here again, I'm making an assumption). Oh, wait, yes, the parents certainly can.  I know this because most of them sit poolside reading their smartphones. The club management, they're afraid to offend anyone so they don't enforce any of the rules. You're on your own.

I live in a town that has experienced major economic problems.  Teachers have been let go from schools, programs for kids in the schools have been cut due to lack of funding.'s a good one, they walk away from hard cash.  Yes, that's right folks.  Every day, the town loses hundreds of dollars that they could have collected on the spot, no arguments, hands down.  The signs at the beaches clearly tell us that dogs are not to be on the beach at any time whatsoever between Memorial Day and Labor Day. That means 24/7.  The signs go on to tell us that if we violate this rule, there will be a very hefty fine.  Now, how hard can it be to find the violators?  Dog.  Owner.  Beach.  Hand over the hundred bucks.  But, no this does not happen.  Every time we've been at the beach in the afternoon, a good five hundred dollars worth of folk who don't know their rights from their wrongs, parade past us. Never, ever, do we see them holding anything that would hold dog poop.  Maybe they ask their dogs to hold it until they return home?  Beach sand.  Don't do the research on the bacteria counts.  You'll die of heat stroke before you go near the water ever again.

Finally, while I am on the subject, I have one burning question.  If a four year old with a Junior Shopper Shopping Cart  in a supermarket rams you in the ankles,  who's "fault" is it?  Why do I have the feeling that it would be difficult to determine this?  Don't be too shocked when you hear "Good job, Jackie" from the parents as they round the corner and catch up with the tiny consumer.  You won't win.  He's never "wrong" and you only think you are "right". And the store management sees you dying in a few years and that little nipper, he's the future.  I know.  I was told that in so many words when I voiced my complaint at Trader Joe's recently.

P.S. You don't actually have to pay for a membership at our club.  While it is the right thing to do, apparently there is nothing wrong with just walking in, bringing your entire family, and enjoying your day.  Nobody checks anyway.  They don't want to violate anybody's rights by asking if they can prove they are members in good standing.

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