Wednesday, June 5, 2013

To Everything, There is a Season

Decisions, decisions, decisions.....

Every new season, I have a host of things that I plan to do differently "this time".  When I was a teenager, it was the arrival of the  fall edition of "Seventeen" magazine that sparked the desire to ask my grandmother to make wool flannel Bermuda shorts that I would don with a pair of navy blue knee high socks and a button down broadcloth shirt.  Of course, the requisite cardigan with the grosgrain band down the buttonhole side would be around my neck and I would be carrying a copy of the entire works of whoever was considered to be avant garde that particular year. Knee socks were NOT my fashion best.  I have knees that have a thick layer of fat along one side and what a way to showcase that flaw.....Winter would find me planning skating parties, cup of cocoa in my hand, finally learning to ski and loving it.  Spring would be diet season.  Enough said. And summer.....well, I generally hated it but in my planning, I would be so pathetically thin from the spring diet that summer would find me in a bikini, sitting topside on my latest boyfriend from Yale's latest boat.

Did you ever watch the show "Miranda" on the BBC?  Hilarious and so very me.

So, here we are in a new season.  This time, I swore I was not going to spend time on my blog, I was going to finally do some "serious" writing, after all, I have hopped off the Facebook ship forEVER (what a total waste of time that one is) and this time I was going to have a happier summer than last year's.  I've already laid the ground rules. carbs (two weeks on that, with zero weight lost).  Out the window.  Okay, have the grand babies down more often to enjoy the Cape of my dreams (Oh My God....where has my patience night and I nearly lost it completely.....everything in my house is sticky now).  Okay, have everything ready to grab and the beach, day or night (where the HELL did everything go from last year????......did I give everything I own to the VNA rather than store it for the winter?) Okay, get a new swim suit before they're just slim pickings and I do mean "slim"....check.  This year, it's a swim "dress" and I look like a fat nun (or Miranda who is not actually fat, but isn't slim either) and oh, the beach by the way....I'm already SO done with sand ( and sticky kids) all over and under my "dress" and the tatoos (not mine).  I'm going up to the neighboring golf club, pretending that we really do intend to jump on the links and plunking down the outrageous amount of money that will allow us to use the pool, faster than they can say "hey wait a minute, you haven't reserved any tee off times" are a lot less sticky there.

Well, I'm back to blogging (thank you all of you who have urged me on)...and carbs.

And I'm so glad I did not put "do more reading" on my list because I have read some excellent books so far this season and I intend to read more (oops...did I just jinx that too?)  My heart is very glad that this year, I am not reading Ecclesiastes 3 again before a broken-hearted family and a congregation of beautiful friends. Amen.

I wish my grandmother were still alive for so many reasons, not least of all to knit me a gigantic cover up for the beach.  Oh wait......I have about twelve of them somewhere in this place.  Somewhere.

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