Thursday, March 14, 2013

E Vai.....Francesco!

St. Francis Blessing to Brother Leo - May the Lord bless you and keep you; may the Lord show his face to you and have compassion on you. May He turn his face to you and give you peace.
Two days ago, when I wrote the blog piece on Tau and the Franciscans  little did I know, how could I ever have imagined, that the following day, the world would be celebrating the announcement of a new pope who would introduce himself as Francis after Francis of Assisi.  Wow!  

Normally, I am not a "Pope Watcher".  I hardly knew anything about Benedict. He wasn't  what one could call "endearing".  He was distant and what little I saw of him only made me think that here was a man who wasn't enjoying his job.  I was not heartbroken when his resignation was announced.

I would have loved it had the Cardinal from Boston made the cut.  That would have been a kick.  A Pope who was a Red Sox fan.  Imagine that one.   So,when I heard the news yesterday while in Boston, I was disappointed until......I spoke to my husband who told me that he will be called Francis and it all changed.  

I am a person who, when I like something, I LOVE it and I'm not afraid to show it.  I've always thought of myself as the personification of Ravel's "Pictures at an Exhibition".  I look at a beautiful piece of art and I burst.  I read a well-written story or hear a poem that is beautifully worded and my spirits soar.  I'm one of those who claps my hands when I am happy just as the little kiddie song suggests.  So, today, I am clapping my hands, listening to the news, looking at the photos of Francis (I can't stop saying the name) on the bus with the Cardinals, and I'm jumping out of my skin.  Francis.

His is named for one known for his humility, his piety, his casting off of all the trappings and his complete openness to universal dialog.  In 1939, he was proclaimed the Patron Saint of Italy.  The same man who embarrassed his father publicly when he tore off his clothes and ran dancing through the streets of Assisi!! The poverello.  I wonder if the ancient standers-by who gasped at the horror of that scene might have said, "no good can come of this".  Tee hee.

Four kilometers away, nestled in a 250 meter climb of Mt. Subasio, lies the exquisitely serene and beautiful Eremo delle Carceri.  It was a favorite place of contemplation and prayer for Francis and his followers.  It was there that he communicated with the animals. 

At the entrance, there's a big sign that asks that visitors observe a simple request:  Be silent.  

Why do I have a feeling that the silence has been broken, that there is a cacophony coming from the flapping of wings, the chirping of birds and the beating of warm hearts. 

Francis.  You earned the honor that has been centuries in the making and I'm flapping my wings in a way I have never. 

Pax et Bonum! (for some lovely videos of the Eremo)

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