Saturday, March 9, 2013

And the Winner Is......

I've had some pretty great brushes with fame in my life.  Attended a black tie affair, not knowing that Bill Clinton was the guest of honor, shared a revolving door with the late and great Ed Koch one morning while entering my office building, shopped for chicken parts in the supermarket with Gene Wilder, sat at a table next to Isabella Rossellini at a dinner party - the list goes on and on.  I have been told that I have an uncanny ability for running into famous people in the most un-famous places. But......this one takes all.

Here I was at the Christmas Market in Verona and who do I follow for five minutes but the late and great Michael Jackson.  Yessiree.  There he was, head to foot.  Gloves.  White socks.  Black loafers.

He was real.  He was who he believed he was and he wasn't a street actor.

I think the vote is in.  He's the winner.  Serendipity.does.not.get.better.than. this.  Nope.

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