Saturday, February 24, 2018

Give me a Break

If there is one trip-prep of which I can be certain, it is that my trekking shoes are getting broken in.

Each time I wear them, they feel better and I feel better knowing that all the quirks can be worked out long enough in advance.

I took my feet, in those shoes, to New York City for a few days this week.  It was school vacation and my daughter fulfilled a promise made two years ago, of more "family" trips. The girls are at a reasonably good age now and I know that in a year or two it may become "Nonni who?" so I jumped at the chance when it was offered. 

Our trip into the city was flawless.  No traffic either way.  The car got parked in a garage near our hotel and we logged on miles, literally, walking most of the time.  Our hotel, one I have used in the past, did not disappoint.  If you ever want a good valued, Euro-style hotel, right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the Roger Smith is it.  Where else in that city will you be addressed by your name by the front desk staff for instance? 

Starting on Monday afternoon, we covered all of the highlights, the things that as a New Yorker, I always took for granted but this time, allowed myself to see in new eyes, those of a set of pre-teens who were determined to make as many memories and as many Instagram posts as time would allow.

Wednesday brought us a special gift.  The outside temperature soared to 76 degrees.  On February 20th!  A nice break from Winter. 

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