Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Oh, so, it's April.  So, now it's okay that it rains every day, right?  And March, it did NOT go out like a lamb.  It roared it's way out like a lion, combined with rain, sleet and general misery.

I'm waiting for some consistently good weather and when I look out my bedroom window, the prospects seem awfully narrow.  Yeah, right, the humming birds are on their way and should arrive in a few weeks.  I bet they're smarter than that!

Every year we complain about the fact that Cape Cod does not usually experience a Spring.  But every year we forget that we said that the year before and many years before that.  We crash into Summer.

But I need Spring, I truly do.  Enough of the grey skies, the brown, bare trees.  Enough of the heat on, the blankets wrapped around my entire body as I sit in my old lady chair in the corner of my cozy bedroom.  Enough of my cozy bedroom, the drapes shut tightly on the slider.  I want to tear down the plastic sheeting that has been up since early Winter, blocking cold air from creeping in through that slider.  I want to take down the insulated drapes that hang on the kitchen slider.  I want to see what's outside because the inside is making me miserable.

So today, just for the heck of it, I'm tearing it all down.  Let the wind leak through the sliders, let the sky stay grey and the trees brown.  Today, I'm wearing my inside out and hopefully, Mother Nature will get the hint.  Enough already!

I'm going to paraphrase here but you'll get my point:  MR. GUARDINO, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!!!!!

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