Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hope, Day One

Day One
Christmas Morning, 2016
Entry log about the Spaceship Bariatric

NOT Barbaric as my sometimes handy, others, annoying and trouble-making, text spellchecker spit out when I first told my son of my plan, almost exactly one year ago.  I was trying to tell him that I had begun the tedious (boy, I had no idea) process that would eventually (underline that word!) find me having the surgery that my mother would have given me away for.

I took a much-needed break from the whole thing in April.

I returned in November, just after Thanksgiving

I am hoping for a surgical date at the end of January or very early February.  I'm much more ready now for that Bariatric surgery.  I'm so ready and so excited.

This is the first of what I hope, no I know, will be journal entries along the way but now, it's Christmas morning, the day that reminds us all that there is hope.

And so, let the day begin.

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