Wednesday, November 26, 2014


From my personal collection of my own work

“The beauty of the collage technique is that you’re using sounds that have never met and were never supposed to meet. You introduce them to each other, at first they’re a bit shy, clumsy, staring at their shoes. But you can sense there’s something there. So you cut and paste a little bit and by the end of the song you can spot them in the corner, holding hands.” -Jens Lekman (Found on another blog)

And it is for the above reason that I love the art of collage.  I cut, I tear, I paste and as I do, I find myself sinking deeper and deeper into a meditative state, one that allows me to reflect on my current, past and future lives.  I have never considered myself to be an "artist" so I am amazed at how my hands move, selecting just the right pieces of color and texture and am always astonished when I see the results.

Life is the canvas.  My friends, the sounds that I was supposed to meet.  The fun has been in introducing them to each other, the circle growing and growing as they, each one, left behind their shyness, stopped staring at their shoes and one by one, jumped on to the page, holding hands.

I am starting the counting of blessings, getting ready for the official giving of the thanks and as I do, I just want you, my friend, to know that you all fit beautifully into the picture and I've used the best glue I could find to make sure we all stay together and hopefully, you are happy with your placement and your life is happier since I sprinkled you with glitter.  

Thank you for being my friend.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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