Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Prompt: What I Long For

I belong to an on-line writing community, one to which I haven't posted to in a very long time. It's called the Writer's Journey Roadmap, and it is authored by Laura Davis.  You can find out more about Laura here: http://lauradavis.net/about/.  Every Tuesday, Laura sends out inspiring quotes and "provocative writing prompts" via email.  The result is a supportive environment in which writers from any place in the world can delve deep and come up with honest thoughts on any number of topics or ideas.  Most of the prompts call for writers to introspect and to put forth their innermost and honest thoughts.  This, of course, is not easy.  Writing to be read is scary sometimes but at all times, honest writing is a gift that we give ourselves if we take the time.  Again and again, I think of one of the most profound quotes I've ever found relating to writing.  It goes like this......It is when we write that we learn most about ourselves.

So, I'm going to try to answer as many of Laura Davis' future prompts with this new season ahead and will share a few, certainly not all, starting with today's.  I did not have to give it much thought and here it is in it's simplicity, my response to Laura.


 My heart longs to have a body that is held up b y beautiful legs. I've always wanted to have perfectly proportioned, slim, but shapely legs. But, as I write this, I can’t help but get into my real self, the one with the fat, lumpy legs, the woman who feels so blessed in so many other ways. The one who has been given the gift of compassion and the intelligence to understand what is so wrong with my heart longing for something so unimportant when every day there are people in this world, my world, who would long to have legs, any legs. So, my heart longs for an end to cruelty and war. My heart’s desire is to go back in time, at least far enough to the days before events as horrific as the Boston Marathon bombing, the World Trade Center tragedy, the unrest and horror in the Middle East. Were I to have the power to satisfy my heart’s longings, just the power to do so, I would be totally happy.

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