Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love Thyself til Death

 I wrote this piece almost two whole years ago but I updated the age and still think it holds.  I felt the need to re-post it.  The other day, I was in the company of a group of fabulous "older" women. They are members of a creative group that meets twice each month to share their interpretations of a word or a theme.  When I suggested that, as February is the month of "love" and all things related to the heart, that they bring something that would show the rest of us something that they loved about would have thought that I shot that arrow of Cupid's right through their hearts.  There was a resounding look of horror on their beautiful faces and each of them had at least one negative comment regarding my suggestion. 

"Oh, I could not do that"

"Oh, that would be bragging"

"Oh, I can't think of many things I love about MYself"

Shock, indignation, confusion.

Sad, very sad.
I am the mother of a fabulous old lady.  She's only 40 and is already fabulous.  If she stays on course, one day she will be a fabulous "old" lady.
It isn't easy, this route to FabulousGrannyVille.  There will be lots of road blocks along the way.  The route is for some, more tortuous than others.  Bad relationships, failed marriages, deaths of loved ones, financial problems, loneliness and that famous killer of Fabulous, illness.  But the effort will be worth it.  I'm glad she started early and like to think that I played a big role in mapping out the course, starting on the day she was born.

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