Monday, December 16, 2013

Cold Feet

There will be a reward.  There will be a reward to the person who finds my three pair of winter boots.  I've lost them somewhere in this tiny house.  I'm sure they are together, just where I put them. When, I do not know.  Where, totally escapes me.  But, I do know that I did not throw them away nor did they walk out of here on their own.  One was a pair of black snow boots, practically brand new.  Another, a pair of short brown, with a brown fur trim. Not sure where I bought them but I've had them for a while and wore them more than the others.  I counted on them. Now they're gone.  The third, a pair of black lace ups.  Real suede, also short. These were lined with something that looked like white lamb fur.  I know exactly where I bought them. Bloomingdale's in White Plains, many years ago. They all still looked good.  You gotta figure, you don't wear them a lot so they can stay looking new for a longer time than shoes.  But where the hell are they?

I've been misplacing a lot of things lately.  No, not actually "losing" things.  Just "misplacing" them.  I'm not quite sure what the difference is but Joe always made that abundantly clear when he and his father owned a jewelry store and a repair got "misplaced" NOT "lost".  They sweated those out!  So, I've misplaced not only my boots but a little bag of things that I know I bought last week and I know I put somewhere in this little tiny place where I live.  The bag contained some little gift bags and a package of guest towels, all of which I intended to use tomorrow when I have guests for lunch.  Guest towels for my guests.  Gift bags, for candy for my guests.  Nowhere to be found.  Gone.  With the boots?  Do we have a ghost?  Or, am I losing my mind if not simply my memory?  Where the hell are those boots?  The little gift bags and the towels, I can live without but my feet are going to freeze.

Forty three years ago, almost to the day, we lost the top of  our wedding cake.  It was one year after our wedding.  Pretty good on that calculation, seeing as I've also lost my calculator.  Picked it up from Aunt Millie's house where it had been wrapped and stored in her deep freeze, waiting for our first anniversary.  We know we had it, we drove home with it and didn't give it a second thought until the next morning when both of us looked at each other and chorused "where the hell is the cake?"  It vanished. Into thin air.  Gone.  We tore that place apart. Nothing. Gone with THE wind.  Not quite.....more likely gone from the top of the car where we probably put it before or after arriving back in our parking lot.

Of all the things I've lost, I really miss my mind the most.  Or, have I simply misplaced it?  Whatever.

Good thing I still have a warm heart.

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