Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Morning Meditation

I love the way the morning feels.  I love the contrasts between the blue morning sky, the green grass and the colors of the flowers.  I love hearing the birds, interrupting the stillness of the neighborhoods, people still asleep as I trespass on their perfect roads.  The houses in the adjacent collection known as "Par Three Estates" are absolutely every way.  There is not one that has not earned its place on the front page of a Scott's Lawn and Garden catalog.  And when Joe and I walk there together, I can see the disappointment on his face, the why are we not the residents?  And when I am walking in solitude, before he awakens, all I can think of is his beautiful face and that is when I offer the only form of prayer I know.  I talk to God.  And I give thanks for the abundance that I know in my own life.  For the way I am nurtured and appreciated.  For the way I am heard, even when I speak of things   that are part of a creative mind that in no way resembles his logical mind.  Anyone else would have silenced me long ago.  I love the way he gives me more credit than I will ever deserve, the way he makes me feel as if I could never  ever fail in anything. Anything.  I walk, I think, I see houses, I pray and I replay my life as if it were a wide-screen production.  I love the way Joe becomes alive when we are in Italy, how he looks, relaxes, and savors every minute.  I also love the way his Italian language skills surface and how he brave he is.  He always understands and is understood and how, I do not really know.  He's a true Italian man.  He is a man who has given me a life more perfect than any I could have ever imagined, perfect, sweet and beautiful.  Our house is filled with all of that.  I know what's behind our humble door and I am happy and proud of all that is within. My own life, well, it's not perfect but it sure is good enough..  I have no idea of what is behind the doors of the perfect houses in Par Three and I can bet that I am the envy of a lot of the residents.  I just have a feeling and for today, that is enough.

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