Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What Did I Hear You Say???

Short note here

If you read the previous blog entry, this will grab ya

I had some minor surgery today to repair some scar tissue from a previous surgery, done in May

It was a bit bigger a deal than I had originally thought but no problem.  I did have general anesthesia again which is lovely because now, for the next six months, I can once again, blame everything on that.  "Oh forgive me for that stupid error, I had anesthesia and it's still in my brain"

But, that is not the point of this......

Mrs. Yoo is one sweet nurse.  She's worked at the same hospital for the past forty three years.  She's taken great care of my mother on many of her trips in and out and today, she was my Recovery Room RN.  They were very busy.  All of them.  Still feeling the effects of the blizzard, working hard. But, she wheeled me to a second bay, made me a cup of coffee and gave me some very appreciated Graham Crackers.

But, that is not the point of this.....

Nurse Yoo apologized for the wait for the coffee.  She was not happy to serve me the "dregs" of the coffee that was already brewed and wanted to give me "fresh" coffee, which she did.....

And, as she was dropping the snack off, something way beneath her expertise, I might add....guess what she said?



Thank you Nurse Yoo and Dr. Jones and all of you who did what you do so well, over and over again.
I know most of you spent the weekend without power in your homes, some of you still are without.  Dr. Jones, he's one of the unfortunates, still in a hotel.  I know I sure would not have wanted to come to work at 6AM after what some of you have been through.  I heard some of you answering the "do you have power" question, so I know. Really, that's the only way I would know.  None of you made your problems, mine.

To praise people in the health care profession might not be such a great idea, for I am one of them and it might appear to be self-aggrandizing so please forgive me.  I am in AWE of the people who work at Cape Cod Hospital.  Having worked in similar settings, I can tell you, these people are way above a lot of those who work in big cities.  I've been a patient there four times in the past eight months and have been there countless times during my parents times of care so I know about which I speak.  Wow.


p.s.  And, Dr. Brodsky.  Your anesthesia, it rocks!!!  aNy errrrrors, hErE, RemeMbr, I hAD andestesia thismorning.

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