Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cuppa Joe

Today I started speaking Italian.  Not very, very well, but I did it.  Full conversations!!!  This is a banner day.  All those classes, tapes, books and when the time came, I would freeze, total shut down.  But today, I met Sandra, born and raised in Calabria, and my mouth opened and my ears opened and I spoke Italian.  My Calabrian grandfather is smiling in Heaven.

I feel like I imagine my granddaughter Lucy felt the day she stopped playing with one of her favorite toys, looked at me, pointed to herself and said "Lucy!!".  It was a moment I will never forget and today, thanks to Sandra, her big smile, her sweet face and her willingness to teach me and learn from me,  io parlavo Italiano!

Now, don't misunderstand me.  I am not exactly what you would call "fluent".  I have years to go before that happens if it ever does but, I am learning that the only way to recall all that I have learned is to relax, get over my fear of making a mistake.  After all, the Italians who speak English make mistakes and mis-pronouncements and we forgive them!  There are so many other things to get upset about in this world.

Later, our mutual friend, Jack made a major contribution to today's little learning session as we sat around drinking American coffee......

"Sandra, do you know that Lynn's husband's name is Joe?"

"Do you know what they call coffee in America Sandra?"

"Cuppa Joe"


Si Sandy, si.  Ci vediamo amica.

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